The Applegate Ridge Trail (ART)

ATA’s chief project is the proposed Applegate Ridge Trail (the ART), from Cathedral Hills trail system south of Grants Pass to the Jacksonville Woodlands, where it will meet the proposed JackAsh Trail in Jacksonville, being built by the Siskiyou Uplands Trails Association to span from Jacksonville to Ashland. Eventually, a person could walk in the mountains from Grants Pass to Ashland, never setting foot in motorland.

The ART will follow the ridges that overlook the Middle Applegate with their stunning panoramic views of the Applegate River Valley, the Rogue River Valley, and the surrounding mountains. Covering a broad range of ecosystems, such as majestic forests, flower-filled meadows, open fields, and lush riparian zones, the 40 (or so)-mile ART will showcase the rich flora and fauna of the Middle Applegate. Users will be able to access the trail from various trailheads in the Applegate and Rogue valleys and to hike the whole trail, or segments of varying lengths, enjoying the mountain serenity beyond the noise and clamor of the world in the valleys below.


Cantrall-Buckley County Park

cantrallbuck2ATA is active in keeping the trails at Cantrall-Buckley County Park–the community-run Jackson County Park on the Applegate River–in good condition. This park provides the only access to public hiking trails along the Applegate River, and ATA is proud to be keeping them open and usable.

The Upper River Trail follows close by the river on big boulders before leaping uphill, while the Lower River Trail gives good shade for summer hikes and provides access to short trails to the water before taking the more vigorous hiker up a short but difficult loop trail back to the trailhead.

ATA is also woking with the Cantrall-Buckley Park Committee to install new kiosks in the park and informational pedestals on the trails.